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Dear editor

On 07/07/2015 around 5pm I was passing by North bridge road I saw an LTA officer suddenly got down from his bike rushing towards a black car. Shortly he just took some picture and started to type on his device as the black car drove off. I also saw him printed the slip and put it inside his pouch.

I approached and asked him, Sir why do you issue the summon though the car already moved off? I was appalled when the LTA officer answered me arrogantly, Who the f*** are you? Is that your car? What f*** do you want?

I calmly told him to talk nicely and don’t have to be rude, instead he continued talking to me abusively along with his “fluent” vulgarities for the next 5mins or so. I was taken aback and told him to stop or I call the police for assistance. He finally stopped when I whipped out my handphone. He went back to his bike, continued uttering his vulgarity and rode off!

It is not my car nor anyone related to me but for the next few moments, I started to wonder is this Singapore? Is this my country which I grew up in? Is this how an LTA Officer does his job? Do we need such an attitude person as an enforcement officer? Why must he misused his authority? Why must he used vulgarity publicly? Why do they simply issue a ticket as and when they wish?
Our father of nation brought us up to SG50 and as a Singaporean, we are excited and looking forward to celebrate the joyous occasion next month.

I have called LTA to complain about this incident and taken down some contacts from the members of public who witnessed the incident. There are so many innocent driver in my country. I dont want them to be the victim of such LTA officer who simply issue summons to achieve their target in order to get their allowance.

This is the photos of the LTA officer or more appropriate to label him, the Hooligan LTA officer?

Ummi Iza

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