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Please avoid sashimi n raw fish this season. Just a heads up.

My friend’s husband was admitted into hospital abt 10 days ago. Had high fever, joint pain. He was diagnosed with grp B strep bacteria infection. From eating raw fish. He ate sashimi at tam po po at liang court 2 days and raw fish in chinatown 5 days before fever.He ended up with 2 surgery and may have to go thru knee replacement surgery cos the bacteria infected his joints n ate away his cartiledge.

My doc frens said there had been a few cases going ard among hospitals. One has a patient whose husband had ICU fighting for his life. Also same case. Grp B strep virus..ate raw fish. Few cases also surfaced in KTP hospital. So for this season…please avoid sashimi or raw fish porridge cos u never know where source is. I just came bk from hospital after visiting my fren’s husband. His infection marker is still at 180. Normal people marker is 10. When he was admitted. His marker at 500 over. Bacteria entered blood stream. Quite a bizzare sudden infection. Doc says to be prepared to stay in hospital for a mth. Until infection is totally cleared. Hospital bill already abt $34k.

Also, sharing another loophole in medical system. Since June.. if call 995 for ambulance… if in central area and they bring u into private hospital… rates r subsidised by govt n u pay same rates as govt hospital. Cos govt hospital running at full capacity.

Share this info around. I have a patient now who is in for a similar medical condition cos of this… got this piece of news from another friend.

For the past few weeks the hospitals islandwide have been noticing a surge of young and old men who have been coming in sick with fevers and painful swollen joints. There has been a particular strain of bacteria that has been isolated from the blood (Group B streptococcus) and this bacterium is usually very weak and mild, but we found this latest strain to be particularly virulent.

The common unifying factor behind this outbreak is that all the patients had consumed 鱼生 (the kind we like from hawker stalls, with a lot of sesame oil and pepper) within the past week. Nationwide we are still collecting enough info to prove that it’s a particular farm that has been supplying these fish to the hawkers that have contaminated waters. That’s why not on media yet.

So far places implicated are maxwell food centre, Alexandra village, to name a few. For the sake of health just avoid 鱼生 for the next few weeks. Wait until the official news is out where NEA manages to find the source of the contaminated fish

Let your loved ones know.

Pls avoid raw fish

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