To my all followers in singapore…

thank you for the supports all have given to me.. 🙂

We are singaporean born to live with multiracial.. so we grown up with multiracial.. all humans is meant to being respect by others… do not plan a racism laa.. despise towards different skin or criticise others failures…singapore get grow when the human is good.. so we will live will grow n will die in this island temasik was known long2 ago… who ever need in trouble we come and help who ever is success we come an applause… so this is how we live… love among each other…

malay also eat chiness also eat indian also eat and everybody also eat for us to live..
Malay eat nasi lemak.. other people also can eat nasi lwmak maa..

chiness eat yong tau fu malay n indian also can eat maa? Tiobo? N we need to have RESPECT towards each other then we can live… if no respect u make ur own grave.. no use right?..lets grow ourself n protect our living together..:)

Have a good time ahead 🙂


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Singaporean Chinese boy get insulted, abused and threatened by an Ang Moh because his T-Shirt says "I'm F-cking Special"…

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Friday, July 10, 2015

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