Different type of prisoners

Special Needs Prisoners
This are prisoners who have special needs. They are mostly suicidal or mentally disturb. They are placed in cells where the lights are on 24/7. They can be identified with the color shorts with stripes on it

Young Prisoners
These are young prisoners who are below 18 or 19 when they were sentenced. They are placed with prisoners around the same age group to prevent them from being influence by hardcore criminals.

Remand Prisoners
They are identified with the brown shorts they wear. These people are not yet convicted of the crime they had been accused. They are remanded bcos they cant afford the bail set by the Court or that no no bail was offered for their cases.

Family Visits
All prisoners are allow 2 visits per calendar month except Remand Prisoners who are permitted once a week.

Visits can either be in person by the family or thru Televisit from a number of sites in SG.

Visit in person. Family members are allow to see the prisoners face to face but are sperated by a glass panel. They chat via intercom phone system.

Visit thru televisit. The family can go to some Cisco offices located in Jurong, Paya Lebar Toa Payoh or some other places wher ethey offer such facilities. It is like watching TV where the prisoners and family members view and speak to each other thru TV.

For Televisit, the time limit is 30 mins for face to face visit is 20 mins.

Family members are allow to give prisoners books/magazines/religious books, etc.

These materials will be screened and censored by the Prison to prevent any obscene materials or hidden messages to get pas thru to the prisoners.

Only family members are entitled to such visits. Friends who wish to see the prisoners must get the approval of the Prison Dept before they are allowed to visit. The prisoner must make this request.

Anyone who had previously been in prison are not allowed to visit any other prisoners unless they are family member as well as get the permission from Prison Dept

All prisoners are permitted to write to anyone they want to. All outgoing and incoming letters are also screened and censored.

After the initial stay in cluster B, prisoners are transferred to other HU to serve their sentences.

This could be AWP (Admirality West Prison), this is a min security prison that usually house foreigner prisoners.

Others are transferred to other HU in CPC. The new cells can house up to 8 prisoners and is twice the size of the previous 4 men cell. (Like the one in 3 Good Men movie). There is usually a mixture of racial here.

LT and ST HU are seperated. LT prisoners are housed with other LT prisoners. ST prisoners are housed with other ST prisoners.

All prisoners are eligible to be transferred as and when required for reasons varying from influence, checks, medical, etc

Pre Release HU
This HU house those who are about to be release. Usually for those with less than a mth or so. This is the last stop before the prisoner is finally released.

Why Life is Tough
Imagine yourself being lockup in a room without a fan, bed, etc. for 23 hrs a day and up to 48 hrs on weekends. If a PH falls on a Fri or a Mon, they can be lock up for up to 72 hrs.

You will spend time thinking about your family outside for those who are married with kids and those who have GF outside will also think of them often and reflect on one’s mistake that lead to his/her imprisonment.

Some prisoners goes mad bcos of constance thoughts of their loved ones.

Some prisoners emo alot inside.
Sleeping on the hard floor for the entired period of your sentence.

You need to know who not to offend inside and I dont mean the Wardens.

There is no freedom, you cant walk to the coffeeshop to get the coke you want, you cant walk to the foodcourt to get the Chicken rice you crazed for.

Everything is controlled and is disciplined. Your movements are also restricted and controlled.

You need to strip whenever you go for yard.

You need to sqat down whenever they are transferring you from 1 HU to another.

What Prisoners do to pass time
Most will just eat, sleep and TCSS with fellow inmates

Some were exercise inside the cells.

Some do reading or studying

Some innovative prisoners will make board games like scrabble, chess, checkers, etc with material from the magazines and rice as glue.

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