After a blanket drinking ban was imposed on 1st April, which effectively banned the sale and drinking of alcohol in all public places after 10.30PM, statistics show that drinking related and littering incidents have been reduced.

However, the downside is that shop owners have suffered up to 5% decrease in revenue. This is especially within the areas of Little India and Geylang, where the alcohol ban starts after 7PM on weekends, public holidays and eves of public holidays.

Says the owner of JS Minimart in Jurong West, 38 year-old Mr Rafiqul: “People used to buy alcohol right up until we closed. Previously, we could make up to $350 a day from alcohol alone – now it’s only about $200 to $250… Sometimes, it is difficult to cover rental.”

However, Mr Rafiqul, who lives in Jurong West, conceded that there were lesser drunken disturbances after the alcohol ban: “Before the new rules, some people would buy alcohol and go to a nearby playground or void deck to drink. Sometimes, there would be shouting and it would go on till very late into the night.”

Do you think the drinking ban has been effective at reducing drunken crime in your area? Share with us your views.

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