A teenager was at the receiving end of a raging Caucasian man’s abuse on Wednesday. The problem? The teen was wearing a t-shirt with the words, “I’m F–king Special” printed on it.

The large but elderly Caucasian man was irritated by the t-shirt’s message, so he decided to challenge the teen to a fight. He also threatened to throw the teen off the train at the next stop. The teen remained silent and did not respond to the man’s taunting.

Just as the crazed Caucasian man began to approach the teenager, a local Malay man stood up to the Caucasian and prevented him from getting physical with the teen. He told the man to stop harassing the boy and when the Caucasian tried to justify his anger, the hero shut him down by saying that it was none of his business what the teen decided to wear. Other commuters also urged the Caucasian man to leave the train.

As the train had approached its next station, the Caucasian man was seen leaving the train and approached a group of uniformed officers.

Stomper Nabilah who contributed the story said that she was glad someone was brave enough to stand up to the man, and praised the local Malay man, who identified himself as Elfy, for stepping up.

“I am proud there is someone who actually stand up for others! Great job Elfy!”

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