I worked in Japan and they have much more extensive train systems in Tokyo. They have dozens of lines for Tokyo alone.

Yet, they have an excellent operations record. Their biggest problem are almost daily suicides and the entire line will stop for no more than 20 minutes..enough time to remove the remains and they resume operation.

Meanwhile a smooth system swings into operation… policemen rush to the station for crowd control holding up ropes and guiding commuters.

Commuters are given free tickets to take other systems and also slips to hand in to their companies for late arrival.

When a train system stops, the crowd builds up quickly.

In Spore’s case, the police are not activated for crowd control. The announcements are badly handled. There are also no free rides for the rest of the journey.

The frequent operations failure is directly linked to the quality of the entire MRT system down to the components.

The civil construction has been superb and I can see how well done it is. The trains are okay though a few are really aging now.

It is the operational components involving the tracks, power system, etc. However, there are not hundreds of different components but just a few critical parts that can bring down the entire system.

It is better for LTA to bring in the Japanese engineers to do a thorough review and even to be engaged as Consultants. The Japanese are very thorough on details and they can share their Japan experience.


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