This PRC couple had just finished their swim at a recreational pool in Downtown East when they decided to go shopping at the nearby Downtown East shopping arcade. The only problem? They decided to do their shopping in their dripping wet swim wear, leaving poor shop tenants the task of cleaning up puddles of water left all over the floor.

Photos of the couple have gone viral online, with netizens up in arms over the PRC couple’s inconsiderate behavior.

According to the netizen who witnessed the scene and uploaded the pictures, the couple had just come out of their swim from the nearby pool. Instead of drying themselves off and changing into more appropriate attires, they decided to head straight to the shops, leaving a trail of water puddles in their wake.

When the couple tried to enter a Giordano clothing outlet, sales representatives stopped the couple and told them that they could not enter the store without first drying themselves off. The couple, who seemed oblivious to their faux pass, were annoyed and ended up making a scene.

One netizen who viewed the pictures felt that the couple’s behavior was not only inconsiderate, but also dangerous. “I wonder how many people would fall down due to wet slippery floor and blame the outlet for it,” he said.

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