I read about the antics of activists in Hong Kong protesting against the remand of Amos Yee (“Effigies of PM Lee, Mr Lee set alight in HK protests”; July 7).

I was amused because their objectives were transparent and had little to do with Amos. Non-governmental organisations and activist groups need to stay in the public eye and show that their actions bring results, which ultimately helps their fund-raising.

Their biggest fear is not opposition by the Government but irrelevance. In this case, after suffering a black eye from last year’s street protests where their objectives were not met, they sought an easier target.

The activists most likely saw this as a no-lose situation for them: They could claim credit for a light sentence, or blame the Singapore courts for a heavy one. Their tenuous understanding of the case shows how little they care.

My bigger concern is with Singaporeans who use overseas activities by foreign agencies with private agendas to push for policy changes.

While netizens who supported Amos could number in the thousands, only 500 turned up at Hong Lim Park (“Rally held at Hong Lim Park”; July 6).

I hope we are not becoming a people who must rely on foreigners to do our work.

Tong Hsien-Hui

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