On Wednesday, the World Health Organization issued a report detailing the travel itinerary of a 36 year-old Finnish man who had travelled to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Manila. The man was diagnosed with Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome 5 days after his visit to Singapore.

During his travels, the man had traveled to Penang before making his way to Manila. During this journey, he made a brief stop over in Singapore on 25th June.

According to the report, the man did not show any symptoms of the MERS virus during his journey from Malaysia to Singapore and upon arrival in Manila.

However, on 4th July, he developed a fever and cough and was hospitalized. It was then that doctors diagnosed him with the deadly MERS virus.

“As there is no evidence that a patient with Mers can transmit the disease some days before symptoms develop, the public is advised that there is no cause for alarm,” a Singapore Ministry of Health spokesman said.

MOH says that it would monitor the situation closely and implement safeguard measure if necessary.

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