Dear Editors,

One School of Thought will SAY – Aiyoh, let be FAIR to DESMOND leh, he inherited the problem…

BUT I say..sure he inherited the problem, since he took OVER hasn’t he been “trumpeting” how much reliability has improved and didn’t he GET amply rewarded for this, didnt his payout rise from S$1million+ to $2million+ over a space of 3 years or so? And didn’t the SMRT Management say that his new payout a FAIR benchmark, compared to…. Imo, FAIR is to ask, “Have the really hard working ground staff from Engineers, Electricians, Technician, etc etc even part-time Service Ambassadors (those who got activated while having family dinner, those u see having to do crowd control, give directions, apologised profusely to, get verbally abused by TU LAN passengers at stations), who work their guts OUT, have we seen all of them getting >100% pay rise..over 2-3years?”

So we want FAIRNESS, then these are the people who should be FAIRLY given fruits for their labors. Cos in bad times, what happens?..first and foremost in action, to maintain profits, to make majority shareholders happy is, CHOP heads, and most the lower level will GET the CHOP..U see any CEO chop his OWN HEAD first…they ONLY get chop when his actions don’t produce results.

So to me, in the world of CEOs when u earn $millions, FAIR should not even be in the vocab, because when U eye-candy the Huge paychecks with accelerated pay/bonus increase..n perhaps tell yourself a BIG stepping stone to be invited for Tea party….U as the CEO, TAH PAU the “DEBT”, just like a Big Corp who wants to play the “WHITE KNIGHT”, U take over the DEBT as well, becos u think in long run got potential for much Kacing$…Kacing$….so likewise for Desmond hor…What? want the high PAYOUTs, and maybe higher postings, got problem, give excuse “ALAMAK, I didnt create the problem leh”…

I say, SOLLY, no cure hor.

Gerard Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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