If you noticed that you’ve been paying more for your polyclinic consultation trips, you are not alone.

A recent news report shows that Singaporean adults are now paying more for their basic consultations ($11.90 for adults, max of $6.80 for children and senior citizens) as compared to last year.

In data for last October, basic consultations for adults was between $11 and $11.30, while children and senior citizens paid $6.10 to $6.40 max.

This is excluding costs for medications, laboratory tests and so on.

Neither SingHealth nor the National Healthcare Group (NHG) – which together run all of Singapore’s 18 polyclinics – was willing to disclose exactly by how much fees have increased.

The NHG said it raised fees in April, with SingHealth following suit earlier this month.

Many Singaporeans appeared to be unaware of the rise in fees. At the various polyclinics, reporters found no signs or notices informing patients of the increase in fees.

“If someone didn’t tell me, I would not have known about the increase,” said a netizen. “This just reeks of dishonesty in my opinion.”

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