Dear SMRT,

I am a Singaporean who is currently staying in Australia. I am fully aware of the SMRT technical fault which has affected commuters throughout Singapore. Meanwhile, an idea struck into my mind and I would like to propose something that could potentially solve the over-crowding issue during peak hour and the constant delays of the trains in Singapore.

Clearly, SMRT is trying to solve this issue by deploying more trains but I have a better suggestion and would like you to review on it.

During my stay in Australia I was amazed by how they had fully utilized empty spaces in the train, something which Singapore may consider to adopt. The bottom pictures depict the train system in Australia which I felt that it was a creative implementation. Surprisingly, the size of the train in Australia is somewhat similar to the size of our SMRT train in Singapore.

This is just a suggestion which I would like to propose as I hope to make travelling more efficient and convenient for our fellow Singaporean. By adopting such idea, it would further enhance our train system as it is able to cater to more people given that Singapore is experiencing an increasing population in recent years. I hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon thank you for your kind attention.



Credit to Ying Ru for the edits.

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