Please help me….

My name is Randy Seet… and I am the son…..

My neighbour has been disturbing me and my family for 3 years!!! At first Singing KTV… We have talk to them nicely but they give nothing but excuse!!!

We request them lower the volume but the neighbour father said : Cannot if I lower the volume, My son do not have the feel to sing!
We also give them 2nd option by requesting them close the door while singing KTV but the father reply : Cannot if close my house will be very hot, I have to close the door to let the air come in!

After the argument, The neighbour did stop their KTV but however they re now finding something to disturb me and my family…They put rubbish at my plant, Evening putting Caterpillar in my plant too! Disturb my mother by pressing the lift button forcing my mother to wait for the lift and carry heavy things!

We went through CMC to try to settle the problem…. We told the neighbour that my mother condition and they were understanding the problem…. We sign the agreement that include * Manage their children * ( See the picture of the Agreement ) However 2nd days everything restart again and is getting worse!!!

After the mediation it seem the neighbour are starting to find more things to make noise just to disturb us….They can shouting around at the common corridor and what worse slamming the door 5 – 6 time per hour!!! Their disturbing cause my mother cannot even rest!!! She have two operation before and now her body is weak and even have stroke!!!

There is one time they play Wrestling at the common corridor from 5.30pm until 12am… I hear those stomping floor / Banging wall / shouting around and even dirty my corridor!!!! I was so angry and post it to FB and the Wanbao and Shin ming wish to interview me.

After the interview my neighbour still even dare to say I cause his both son no childhood life!!! I mean don’t tell playing at common corridor from 5.30pm until 12am is Childhood life!!!

Now I hear more slamming door making my mother cannot rest at all!!! When she take medicine, She must rest but how to rest if my neighbour keep slamming the door and shouting around at the common corridor?!?!?!?

Now look what happen to my mother!!! Now she is lying in the hospital bed!!!! She has been admitted last Monday…. At first doctor suspect of serious stroke but thank god is not…. But however doctor said all these illness cause by stress!!!! Which mean this all my neighbour fault!!!!! Causing my mother cant rest!!!! Before she admitted, There is so many times my mother going to pick a fight against me neighbour but I kept her away from the neighbour as she is not feeling well…..


My neighbour is total of 4 family. Mother , father and two son… One 14 years old and one 8 years old…

I have tried made police report / Town council but still didn’t change anything!!!! Please all I ask is don’t disturb my mother anymore!!! She suffer enough!!!!

My address is at block XXXX bukit batok west ave X #XX – XXX..
My neighbour is at #XX-XXX
If you need more information please call me at XXXXXXXX….. Please help me………

Randy Seet
A.S.S. Contributor

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