Editor's Note: A concerned reader shared this post with us to spread awareness of this pervert lurking around Jurong West. If you are the original poster and have concerns, please PM us to discuss.
Please share this info to all the females you know and especially to those who are living around the same area as me in Jurong West.
The whole incident took place at the Jurong West Neighbourhood Park Connector right in front of Block 665 and 666 at Jurong West Street 65. Flasher is a very dark-skinned Indian man, 1.7+m tall, athletic build, short hair, wearing black singlet and black shorts, seemingly in running attire.
Please take note he actually called me out on a bridge first and after I ignored him, he walked really fast and stared at me from across the canal separating the park connector he's on and the road path beside the main road which I'm walking on. The distance is shown in the map photo I have added in, and that's really a long distance for him to stalk and follow. 
He then turned into the second bridge and that's where he stood there and waited for me to walk by and he called me out again and started doing his perverse acts. Even after I shouted at him and said I am calling the police, he didn't flinch one bit. In fact he stared at me and smiled as I walked off calmly and even till I crossed the road and took out my phone to call 999. 
If you really do encounter him, please DO NOT RUN cos he seems like a very fit runner and he is most probably going to get the thrill from seeing you run. Walk off calmly into the main road and get someone's attention is the safest bet. Call 999 straightaway. He's not your typical flasher, so be extra extra careful!
I wondered what kind of luck I have; I just bumped into a flasher at around 1.30am after midnight grocery shopping. This is the second time in my life that I bumped into a flasher.
I have lodged a police report and went through the whole experience with the extremely efficient police officers who arrived within 9 mins after I made the call. The flasher is still at large, so please please tell all the females you know to be careful at night, and for those who live around me, please be super aware of your surroundings at night!!! If you do spot someone suspicious and sort of fits my above description, PLEASE call 999 right away and get to an open area where there are other people around.
It doesn't take much effort to help warn others of this kinda incident, and thank goodness this happened to me and not to some other little girls or timid ladies. So please please help tell the females you know to be really careful at night and don't use phone or wear earphones when walking alone!!!
I've attached the photos as evidence in case if anyone of you doubt my words, and if I'm not supposed to post these, please let me know immediately and I'll take them down.
My heart is still beating super fast after more than an hour since it happened, I swear this is really scary though I sounded calm in my post. Really really hope this asshole can be caught soon..

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