Singapore is quickly descending into chaos, with MRT breakdowns after another due to overloading it with millions of FT. Our supreme leader is probably plotting his way out of this little tiny dot. His million dollar ministers like DPM Teo and Minister Ng are also feeling unsettled.

Here’s what to do, if I were the supreme leader.

1) Supreme leader to take on new name Kim Hsien Loong. This will provide some sort of cover up and facade in case Western powers get suspicious of his intentions. Last name Kim always is safer for the one-time 31-year-old BG.

2) Annex Pulau Tekong and make this KHL’s new Sinkapore. Call it North Sinkapore. Shouldn’t be too hard to annex because SAF already owns Tekong and trains there.

3) Cut all remaining land and wireless Internet on Pulau Tekong. Bring along and rename ministers: Kim Chee Hean, Kim En Hen, Kim Kee Chiu and Tharman Kim. Heck, even take Desmond Kim there for pleasure as a reward for him running the trains so flawlessly. There shall be dancing every evening, to be performed by these ministers and generals. Without Internet, even these ministers and general wouldn’t know how the next election would turn out. Exactly the intentions of Kim Hsien Loong. There shall be no Facebook and Whatsapp so nobody can criticize KHL, thus no revolt.

This way, the rest of Singapore will then belong to Singaporeans. FT numbers can then be reduced. NS can be scrapped or revamped. Throw in the garbage bin all ridiculous law created by the PAP. Bring overseas and exiled Singaporeans home!

National Slavery

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