Just reached home half an hour ago at 12.30am. Am beginning to take in all that had happened for the past 3.5 hours on the road.

Started waiting for bus at Somerset at 915pm. It was very chaotic and many people were rushing up to the packed buses.

A buff lady suddenly stood along the road kerb and faced the crowd with her arms open. It was obvious that she was trying to protect commuters from falling down and to maintain some form of orderliness.

Someone asked if she is from the authorities. She said no and she is also a commuter herself. Before she could continue conversing, buses came again and we went our separate ways.

I managed to hop onto a double decker bus, which was packed like sardines, from the top to the bottom.

At this point of time, my phone died, and I wasn’t sure of my directions. But I managed to alight at Thomson Medical Centre, thanks to the help of two commuters on the bus.

I thought I could finally head home by taking a direct bus to Yishun. But the first bus came and it was gone. It was too full. A middle aged Indian lady told me that she had missed two buses.

After chatting with her, I realised she lives at my neighbourhood! She seemed distressed. Likewise for the other commuters.

All of a sudden, I had an idea!

Whipped out my tissue paper and started writing those words u are seeing.. Hoping kind drivers would pick us up from the bus stop.

I began to wave at the vehicles along the road. The auntie probably felt a bit Pai seh at the start, but joined me to wave at the vehicles later too! I later transferred it on a bigger piece of A4 paper after asking for one from a Malay uncle.

Yes.. It may looked damn ridiculous and silly but it beats not able to get back home at all, since we couldn’t board the previous 5-6 buses. No cabs too. A few people smiled at us and one probably sniggled at me. But don’t care.. we got to try whatever ways that could get us home..

Perhaps it was dark, no drivers picked us up. We eventually managed to board the bus, though I didn’t see any possibility of squeezing myself into the bus from the rear door, but the auntie pulled me up. She made sure I could get in, and even passed me her phone, telling me to call my mum to reassure her that I am safe. I managed to call despite being squashed.

As I looked around, there were migrant workers, families and individuals who were trying to make it back home. We started smiling at one another, somehow knowing that everything is gonna be okay. just tahan this together.

As the bus arrived at each stop, an uncle standing near to the rear door, would direct the traffic accordingly and warn us about the opening door.

After a few stops, I alighted as Dom came to pick me up half way.

While I was waiting at the pick-up point, a car stopped by for a pick up. A man came out of his car and asked, “Anyone need a ride to Yishun?” Immediately, a young man who was sitting nearby, stood up and hopped into the car.

A while later, Dom came. I asked the same question and a young man NS man jumped, and said, “Me me me!” He hopped on the car, and we found out that he needed to report to Sembawang camp.

He then told us to drop him at Yishun mrt as he planned to walk to the camp. It was totally crazy! The distance was too far away. Dom decided to send him directly to the place.

It was an ulu place and we lost our directions. But yes, we finally arrived and took half an hour to drive from Yishun to Sembawang Camp.

All in all, So so so glad to see Singaporeans stepping up to care for one another, through their actions.

Believe we are so much more than this breakdown.

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