I have always supported our public transportation, but today this Comfort driver is extremely rude and dishonest. The taxi plate number is “SHB 4490L”.

I took the taxi from Bishan to Sembawang today. The taxi driver went by Upper Thomson road even though I asked to go by the nearest road Lentor.

It cost me over $20 to get to my destination. I know this is blatant overcharging because this morning, I took a taxi from Sembawang to Aljunied, a much longer distance, and it only cost me $17+.

To make things worse, instead of reasoning with me, the driver scolded and shouted vulgarities at me in front of everyone. He says that the traffic is jam but in the morning, the road I traveled also jammed.

I refuse to pay the exact amount because it is not worth the price. If he had not scolded me and instead apologized, I might have accepted it, but this is too much.

I hope A.S.S. can help me share this.

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