Dear all,

Below is a complete chronological history of my purchase experience with BIG BOX, a company that I will most likely never patronize ever again.

I bought a total of two shelves and paid 35 SGD for delivery and installation.

On delivery day, one delivery staff came down with 1 shelving unit. They told us that they were not trained on installation and went back with the unit. After numerous calls to numerous abusive customer service/delivery staff, we requested for a full refund. The goods was thereafter promptly delivered (but this as however not made known to me and my family; who promptly had to drop everything that we were doing and make a mad dash back to the house to receive the delivery.

We were under the impression that this kind of discrepancy was a once off, so my wife and I made the mistake of buying from BIG BOX again.

We made a purchase of one shelf and one writing desk. We paid 55 SGD for the installation and delivery.

On delivery day, only the desk arrived as the shelf is out of stock. We were told of this on delivery.

We liased with the excellent customer service staff( this time around) and I was told that there was a shelf left in the warehouse. We communicated for this to be delivered on the next day between 11am to 1pm.

The delivery arrived at 1pm, bringing the wrong colour in the correct make. Again they took back the wrong product. It was explained to me that the item was packed up and it was wrongly communicated to the customer service staff that it was in the correct make. We would have to settle for the display piece, apparently in good condition. I approached the head of customer service, Glenn, and was told that he have arranged for delivery of the shelf at 9pm; and we would receive a call (and ongoing updates) one hour before the arrival of the delivery staff. After much chasing up, the delivery staff called me at 9pm and told me that the goods would be delivered from 10 – 10.30pm.

Finally, a warped and chipped shelf arrived at 10:30pm, concluding our misery.

I wish to give my deepest thanks and gratitude to customer service staff Vance and Glenn, who have went beyond the call of their responsibility and duty to make the delivery. These staff are truly excellent and the only saving grace of this miserable company.

Unless driven to ultimate desperation, i would never choose to shop with BIG BOX again.

(No matter how cheap or value for money a product, having to go through such hassle and nightmare is truly an unworthy experience)

I sincerely urge all do to the same.

Heng Wen Jie

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