Have you ever travelled home in Singapore this expensive? Only when you are desperate to get home while the country’s main train lines are down during the peak hour, the free buses are no where in sight, the public buses are packed to the neck, and the taxi queues are as long as buying Hello Kitty, that you’ll have no choice but to book a taxi. Then again, using the Grab Taxi app failed as there was no available taxis so i had to use Uber.

Because they charge 2.8x times of the original fare. It is ‘take it or leave it’. At CBD area, the demand for taxi was so high that there are ppl who had to pay up to 4x times the original fare.

Yes, though our country is small, Singaporeans rely on the train systems heavily. I had to stop along the way back to pickup my dad who was stranded at Toa Payoh and my brother at Yishun.

Dear SMRT since it is a mistake on your part, you can’t compensate time. Compensate me my money.

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