First things first. This is not my photo, so I give credits to the owner of the photo.

I don’t know if you guys have heard or seen about this Nenek before. But she’s the nenek that always walks around Tampines to find shelter.

I was with my cousins earlier on for Iftar. On our way home, we saw her sitting at block 232 Tampines. She was all too lonely under the block. That was when we decided to drop by and sedekah a little bit of money for her. When we finally approached her, I could see the smile in her face. You can imagine the troubles and emptiness she has been through. We stood around, talking to her.

We then found out that she was staying at someone’s house(tompang). But unfortunately she said there was no food there. Since we had some pasar malam food, we gave her some, in addition to the cash that we gave.

What hit me was the things she told us. She innocently request for us to doa for her that she stays healthy and get to fulfill her Ramadhan. She even told us the money we gave her was too much for her.

I want to declare that this post is on behalf of me and my cousins. If you guys are around Tampines and by any chance get to meet her, just visit her, give her any amount of money you have, or even doa for her. It’s halfway through Ramadhan. We as humans, just do what we can afford to do. It is going to be Hari Raya soon, so why not shower her some love and maybe bring a smile to her face.

God knows how she felt, the pain she’s been through and the hardship. I can never imagine who would do this to their mother.

Ya Allah kau lindunginya, kau selamatkanlah dia. Kau tambahkanlah rezeki untuk dia.

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