In a reply to a Facebook user, who informed Isetan about the viral video showing a girl being scolded by a security guard for wanting to enter the Isetan premises at 9.20PM (near closing hours), Isetan Singapore has apologized for the treatment of the young lady customer. According to Isetan, they do not condone “such bad and improper service at Isetan” and are investigating the matter.

Isetan full statement:

“Dear valued customer,

We fully agree that the treatment of the young lady customer who is trying to enter the store during its closing time by the uniform security guard is totally unacceptable. We want to express our sincere apologies to her.

We have brought this incident to the attention of our store’s security management company, and we are investigating the matter.

We do not condone such bad and improper service at Isetan. We deeply appreciate your comments about this incident.

This statement is by the Public Relations Manager of Isetan (S) Limited.”

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