A Hong Kong woman has claimed that her iPhone 6 Plus 128GB exploded while being charged. The explosion not only dislodged the screen from the handset, is also melted the back cover of the phone.

She claims that she plugged the charger into the iPhone at 1am on Saturday and left it on the desk. Several hours later she was awaken by a loud bang and a burning iPhone.

The woman is now seek compensation from Apple as she claims she was using authentic Apple products to charge her iPhone 6 plus and such dangerous explosions should not have occured. Fortunately, she was not hurt in the incident.

According to Lo Kok-kung from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at HKPU, the incident could have resulted from a short circuit or overcharging.

Lo explained: “The auto power cut-off feature of the handset for charging could have been out of order, hence the battery was overcharged and exploded due to excessive heat.”

This is one of a number of isolated cases of iPhones catching fire or exploding. Apple will most likely request for the latest “exploded” iPhone 6 Plus for their own investigations. Fortunately, these extreme cases are isolated incidents and isn’t in any way a widespread fault that consumers should be worried about.

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