Editor’s Note: A reader shared this warning about a car theft in JB near KSL shopping mall. If you are the original poster of this content and have concerns, please PM us to discuss.

Dear all,

Please do help to spread around and also let your friend take note and beware as well.

On 5th July 2015, my brother car got stolen in JB. He is driving a white Honda Civic F.D., car plate no. SGP3968X. We went to JB and park his car at this Perfect car wash beside Ahwee car accessories near KSL shopping mall for washing around 6PM.

He went back to retrieve his car around 10PM and was informed that his car was retrieved by his “friends” at around 6.30PM, a Chinese guy age group around 30 – 40 was seen driving off the car.

Credit card was left n the car and according to the bank, the card was used twice. 1st time in JB shell petrol station at 6.45PM. 2nd attempt was at Perman Kulai Jaya at 8.30PM.

Do help to spread around. Hoping to find back his car. Thanks a lot to those who share. Please kindly PM Joe Ong if there’s any news

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