Hi Editors,

I am writing in in regards to picture as attached. 6th July 2015, 12.25pm.

I took the photo showing the Transcom police & SMRT staffs issuing fine to the elderly wheelchair-bound for selling tissues.

I understand that selling tissues in public places need a license from NEA but they’re too old to even know about all these.

They’re already handicapped and how could the transcom expect them to travel all the way to apply for a license.

Not as if they commit any serious crime or doing any illegal things here.

Alternatively, the Transcom & SMRT staffs could handle this issue in a better way like giving them a chance and letting them know they would need a license before selling tissues and not to issue them a fine immediately.

The transcom could use to time to do more spot-check on suspicious people and not finding fault on these weak people.

I hope you can help to share this out.

Appreciate it. Thank you

Kind Samaritan
A.S.S. Contributor

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