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Blogger Roy has already apologised to PM Lee several times for his actions. In view of this, PM Lee should give him a second chance instead of pushing him to the limits. So what if PM has won the defamation case? He may have won the battle but he is losing the war – the hearts and minds of people who are already skeptical about the ruling party.

In Chinese, we call it “点到为止” which means the need to refrain from exerting too much pain and pressure onto others as the saturation point has been reached. Since Roy has already apologised, forgive and move on. To win this battle is actually to lose the war. PAP has to view such cases from a very broad and holistic view of things.

In this incident, I see that it is not so much for PM to clear his name from the allegations but use this as an opportunity to show his magnanimity as our national leader. There is no need for PM to overreact to criticisms using lawsuits as it will result in more dissent and anger among the voters.

Any mishandling of the cases pertaining to Roy and Amos Yee etc will result the PAP in losing more votes in the coming General Election. Times have changed. To use excessive punitive measures on any rebellious children will definitely backfire!

A.S.S. Contributor

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