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I was involved in an accident 2 days ago with a cyclist. Was travelling towards PIE.

A China woman on a bicycle on the PIE (WTF right?) was cycling along the curb side. I was at the acceleration lane about to join the PIE. 10 metres from her, she turn to look. The stupid thing was she saw me, panicked and went onto my path and we colided.

Next thing I know I was on the ground with my bike thrown off a few metres away. I suffered a torn lip, serious tear on both my hands and a dislocated jaw. I was lucky to have not broken anything.

The matter of fact is, a cyclist shouldn’t be on the Expressway. This would not have happened if she hadn’t been there. Went to the hospital straight. The full face helmet saved from having severe injuries to my chin. Only a torn lip. If I had worn a normal helmet I think I might have broken my jaw already.

The cyclist did not suffer any form of injury. The sad part is I am not able to claim anything due to the fact that cyclists do not have any form of insurance. As such, I have to pay for my own damages.

I urge all road users to be extra careful when using the roads. Areas where non registered vehicles aren’t supposed to go like expressways, do abide by them. Do not poise yourself as a hazard to yourself or other road users.

I’m thankful I survived the ordeal, but at a great expense of spending money on damages and my health.

Take care guys. Be cautious and show courtesy when using the road.

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