Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I am a regular customer of Dapur Ummi Abdullah, whom is now a talked about caterer amongst the Malay food lover.

As a regular ‘tingkat’ customer, I am being disappointed as THEY put me is the lurch to find another caterer at this short period of time.

Far back between of March’15 or April’15, Dapur Ummi Adbullah, opened up booking for Hari Raya Menu. She makes her customer as a BULL DOZER RACE to book at her created Webpage within an hour only. After which, if the booking is found successful, she made her customer pay 50% deposit & the balance will have to be paid by end date 1st July ’15. I have paid an amount of $70 as a deposit & the balance of $75 is to be paid later.

Four months apart, I sincerely & it is my fault to overlook the said date. Dapur Ummi admin staff proclaimed that they sent a reminder via my Facebook. PM messages dated 30/6/2015, I believed Once again I have overlooked the Private messages that they have sent. Dapur Ummi Adbullah, have 2 Fanpage in Facebook, the reminder that they proclaimed sent was on the Fanpage which I seldom use. They have my telephone number as a regular Tingkat customer but refused to make an effort to give a customer a call & just use Facebook has a portal of interaction. Just because they are famous caterer… to her Lost One Customer doesn’t makes any losses…

Today is a shocked to me that I have received a PM FB messages that my slot was released to others. This caterer is HEARTLESS, 2 weeks before Raya, she released my slot just because I did not pay the balance PAYMENT on time. Even though, I am their regular customer, no appeal could be entertained. I felt that this caterer is so worried ABOUT not receiving payment $$ & just DON’T CARE about her customer, leaving them to find another caterer in 2 weeks TIME before Hari Raya.

Many times, THEY could not commit to her Tingkat menu. They simply takes her decision to refund which ever menu she could not commit. They could just deliver the balance menu without even replacing the shortage. Exp. if that day menu is Fish, Veggie & potatoes fitters, the fish that could not be committed, she expected her customer just to eat Veggie & the potatoes fitters only. She expected the announcement, she published in her FB, to be read by her customer, giving at short period of ALERTNESS via her FB on the very same day, if she could not commit to any menu. So HERE, I would like to alert others as to be extra careful & think twice if you want to choose Dapur Ummi Abdullah as your caterer.

If you compare prices, Dapur Ummi Abdullah is far too expensive with no Customer focus.

Disappointed Customer

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