Dear all,

We heard loud thumps and then our neighbor came knocking on our door for help.

While we were in the house, the tiles continued to fly up (to the height of table top) with loud thumps which is a scary sight. We called the police (11.26pm), who referred us to town council 24hr helpline (11.28pm), who then called us back at (11.35pm) that they will refer to hdb who will come n check tomorrow. The 2 elderly are afraid to go back to the house again. And its been 30min and 2 calls to police. Nobody is here at all to check on the house n elderly.

Singapore Police Force is it another standard protocol that we should all just ignore these calls until someone gets injured? Or these are considered small cases that we should allow the elderly to wait at their void decks until help decides to come during office hours.

Some people may think we r too bo liao to call the police over small matters like that. But i really wonder what they wud do if this happened to their loved ones or elderly neighbours in this case. The floor did not jus popped like the batok case, i saw the tiles flew up and i myself could have been hurt and nobody can assure its not gg to happen to the rest of the house! Hey wat if its a structural issue! Im jus next door okay!!! Or is this such a common problem that ppl jus choose to ignore it until office hours.

Update: Thank you Mdm Foo Mee Har for giving assistance to your dearest residents! The authorities and volunteers are here to support our neighbour!

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