The Courts have sentenced teenage YouTuber Amos Yee Pang Sang to 4 weeks imprisonment, backdating it to 2 June 2015. He was found guilty of two charges, the first for making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity and the second for circulating obscene imagery.

Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell confirmed that his client wants to appeal against the conviction.

Dodwell said: “Let’s not run away with the idea that just because he’s remorseful and stuff, that is in relation to the social context. Whether this was a crime or not, still remains a question we want to determine in High Court.”

He also added that Yee is “is happy to cooperate now” and will start undergoing counselling sessions from next week. A private doctor has agreed to take Yee under his care and devise mentorship programmes for Yee and his family. The IMH doctor’s report indicated that Yee admitted to his guilt and promised not to reoffend as he realised that his actions were against the law and could disrupt social harmony. Apparently, Yee also admitted to using his intelligence in the wrong ways.

In view of Yee’s “seismic shift” in attitude from “unremorseful to remorseful”, the Prosecution asked only for one day’s jail for Yee.

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