Ms Foo is absolutely right in her rebuttal against all these western liberal publications.

Like what Ms Foo said, we need to guard our social peace jealously and make no apologies for it. We can’t allow people, even if they are teenagers to insult or offend the religious beliefs of others in Singapore.

We all live in a multicultural, multireligious society. The government ensure everyone to have the freedom of practising their faith without any interference. In such a society, we must always be sensitive so as not to offend others.

Some of you internet savvy youngsters are much too young to know about the Maria Hertogh riots in the 50s but let me remind all that the riots did happen.

Maria Hertogh had been raised by Muslims and later returned to her Catholic biological parents through a court order. When pictures were published showing Maria Hertogh kneeling before a statue of the Virgin Mary, riots broke out in Singapore. The Muslims were outraged by the insensitive publication of those pictures. Some people were killed while many others were injured in the riots. Many properties were also damaged.

Do you want the same thing to happen in Singapore again?

I’m a Christian myself and I was very offended by what Amos Yee said. The worse was when he said the Christian God is “fictitious” which I am particularly angry of. How would you feel if someone tells you what you have believed is “fictitious”?

Till today, he did not apologise to the Christians. It goes to show that Amos Yee is a hardcore recalcitrant. I think some reformative training will do him good and wake him up.

Ms Foo is right!

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