According to Peter Schwartz, a futurist, business strategist and member of the Singapore Research Innovation and Enterprise Council, Singapore should move to nuclear power to meet its future energy needs in the next 50 years.

Speaking at an Institute of Policy Studies SG50 conference, Schwartz said that nuclear power is the option if Singapore wants to seriously address climate change and cut carbon emissions.

“You’re going to continue to need electricity, and renewables will be insufficient. You’re either going to have to continue using natural gas … or move to nuclear power,” He said. “In the end, if we’re really serious about climate change, then we’re facing one alternative. And that one alternative that we actually have is nuclear power.”

Despite high-profile disasters such as Fukushima in Japan, he said nuclear power has been safe.

He added that nuclear energy technology has advanced, and Singapore could consider one of three options: Have nuclear power plants on offshore barges, build an underground plant, or collaborate with neighbours to build one on a neighbouring island.

After conducting a pre-feasibility study in 2012, the Government had ruled out nuclear energy because power plant designs still posed more risks than benefits for the country.

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