Don’t worry, readers. Let this Singh tekan Roy until Roy breaks down again and again and then the court award damages totaling a few hundred thousand to PM.

The sentiments I can see and feel now is —

People, including me, are gradually forgiving Roy for the “heckling” incident in HLP .

Roy had obviously learnt his lesson over the “heckling” incident and I am sure he will be more cautious next time.

The only lawyer willing to defend Roy was suspended, thus denying Roy a fair chance to defend himself.

His application for a QC was turned down, leaving him to fend for himself against a Senior Counsel.

Davinder thinks that he is able to show his debating prowess on Roy but nobody will admire him for “tekaning” a defenseless blogger who is not even trained in Law.

If the award amount really comes up to what Davinder is asking for ($100k-$400k), people will think PM is greedy, to ask for so much from an unemployed blogger who has already lost his job and drained his life savings as a result of this lawsuit.

Those who donated previously and later stopped donating will gradually feel that Roy must be helped.

They are definitely waiting to know the final amount before they start donating to get Roy out of trouble.

So, Davinder, please carry on your “tekan” skills, don’t stop…..


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