Hi Editors,

Our new generation of Singaporeans are shielded and protected vicariously by their parents. Most of those from younger generation I know are unused to hard work and have things always served on a silver platter for them.

Once they open their mouths, mommy feeds them, once they open their hands, daddy gives them money. In short, most of them are just spoilt, arrogant and self-entitled to the world.

If you read up, strawberries need a very conducive environment to thrive in, plenty of attention and care, most important, strawberries are damaged easily. Once damaged, they can’t recover and have to be thrown away, cannot be saved.

This strawberry generation is shouting for change, they want their voices to be heard, they want things their way, no more of the old rigid ways. Will this group of strawberries lead Singapore into a bright future or will they be the cause of our country’s downfall.

Only time will tell. I am praying for Singapore.

Tony Lam
A.S.S. Contributor

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