Parachuting in on the National Day Parade (NDP) is sometimes seen as the most thrilling part of the yearly celebration, with the Singapore Armed Forces’ most experienced airborne personnel performing an exciting jump off a plane high above parade goers, free falling thousands of feet below finally landing safely within the designated parade grounds.

But what many people do not see are the risks involved in performing, and even rehearsing for such risky maneuvers.

Our reader, Mr Koh, witnessed first hand today how a Red Lion had a close brush with death today as he fell dangerously close to the ground with his main parachute stuck and unable to deploy fully.

“I saw one of the parachutes did not open properly and the jumper just fell straight down,”

Thankfully, the stunt did not end in tragedy as the Red Lion deployed his reserve chute, which is white in color as opposed to the original orange.

“Luckily he deployed his reserve parachute in time. He was extremely close to the ground by the time he cut away,” Mr Koh said.

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