1/3 off for good behaviors

All prisoners except for certain type of prisoners which I will elaborate on later in this thread. These prisoners are eligible for 1/3 off their sentrence for good behavior. This means that they only served 2/3 of the sentence imposed by the judge. This is also known as minus PH and weekends to some of you.

This entitlement is for those who behaves themselves inside the prison while doing their time. Those who fight or misbehave will not be granted the above.

There are 2 dates on the prisoner’s card that is put outside his/her cell. This cardboard card will reflect the prisoners’ name, Prison number, medical needs, special care (if any), EDR (Earliest Date of Release – this is the date of release after deducting 1/3 off) and LDR(Late Date of Release – the original date where the prisoner is supposed to be released)

Those who are sentenced for CT (Corrective Training) are not eligible for this incentive as they are repeated offenders.

Only those who had been sentenced to more than 14 days in prison are entitled. Last time yardstick was 3 mths.


All those who are sentenced to rotan will get a medical checkup before the caning. They must be certified fit by a Doctor. The caning must be done before the prisoner reach 50 yrs old.

Regardless of how many strokes the Court imposed, all the rotans were be done on the same day unless the prisoner is unfit to carry on during the caning.

The prisoner is secured to a standing platform where only his butts are exposed. The warden will then pick any of the canes in the room and procceed with the caning.

As a general rule of the thumb, it is strongly advised that a person should never scream in pain when being cane or you will be the laughing stock of the rest of the prisoners.

Home Dentention Schemes

This scheme is opened to all prisoners except those on RT or had committed serious crimes or is a foreigner.

The eligible prisoner has to served at least 50% of his sentence after the 1/3 off scheme for good behavior

This scheme is where the prisoner is released from prison to serve his/her remaining time at home and is part of the rehabitation of the prisoner. The prisoner’s family members like wife/husband/sister/brother/parents must be agreeable to this before the prisoner can go on this scheme

A device is used and put on the ankle or wrist of the prisoner. A monitoring device is also placed in his/her house. The device linked to Cisco will sound if the tag is out of its monitoring zone in the house during the period of time when the prisoner is supposed to be at home.

The prisoner is supposed to be at home during a certain set period of time. He/She can only be out of the house when working/studying where prior pernission must be granted by his/her supervisory warden.

There are strict rules for this scheme
1) Must be at home during the period of time when he/she is supposed to be
2) Cannot indulge in vice like gambling, drinking, drugs or smoking
3) No tampering of the device or monitoring system
4) Subject to s/check via calls to residential house number or visits
5) Subject to random urine test

Any breaches will result in the home scheme being cancelled for the prisoner


Educational or skill courses are offered to prisoners to improve their employablities after their release, its also part of the rehabitional programme that the Prison dept undertakes.

Yellow Ribbon Project

This dept help former inmates to find jobs after their release

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