Dear all,

Found a heavily tattooed and buff man lying by the side of the pavement along Nicoll Highway at 2am and had thought he was drunk.

Upon approaching, realized he drenched in sweat had peed in his pants. Victim was conscious but eye and head movements were strange. No visible injuries apart from those caused by the fall on the left side of his body. Called the ambulance immediately and put him in recovery position.

Confirmed from his broken whispers that he had a history of stroke and it was probably recurring, paralyzingly his side. Helped him stow his belongings, whip out his Argentinian ID and communicated with the ambulance about his situation when they arrived.

Together, we lifted him over the barrier onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. He maintained eye contact with me throughout, lifting his hand gingerly as he was in the ambulance as a sign of thanks. I am reminded that he could’ve been left there for a long period of time had I not passed by at that moment. And there is a time and place for everything.

Sending you positive vibes Lucas, may you get through this.

Cai Yinzhou

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