Dear Editors,

As what people always say, nursing is a rewarding career because nurses care for the ill no matter what race we are…. but what the public don’t know is not all hospitals treat their staff well. Especially nursing staff. At least not in my ex dept of XXX hospital.

Staff are usually overworked with tons of patients to assist everyday…. numerous different appointments that has to be made for 1 patient and many have to work Over Time just to finish a day’s work so that it wont be accumulated to the next. Because next day anticipated will have more work than the previous.

After staffs who left, the management only got agency nurses to come in…. permanent staff are all low moral and not motivated because the management is not bothered at all. This leads to frequent taking of Unpaid Leave and MC. We really cant blame these nurses, they are simply overworked.

Some even developed health issues over time. In order to create more revenue, the hospitals take in more patients and thus increasing workload of everyone when it is already damn taxing. Often the staff don’t go for lunch which is 1 hour of break, and MOM law states that your 1 hour lunch is unpaid. So these nurses practically work through their unpaid lunch and no food at all. Is this even humane? Judge for yourself.

And lastly, yes this happens in a hospital in our lovely Singapore.

Fairy God Nurse
A.S.S. Contributor

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