32 year-old Huang Tian Yuan was sentenced to 5 months jail yesterday after he pleaded guilty to 2 charges of outraging the modesty of 2 women on 2 public buses on separate occasions.

Huang committed his first offence on 20th January last year at about 7AM in the morning on a crowded Bus 183 travelling along Toh Guan Road. His first victim was a 21 year-old woman standing in front of him. He had caressed the back of his victim with his hands before progressively getting bolder and touching her shoulders.

Although the victim had initially assumed that that Huang had touched her by accident, she soon realized that he was doing this on purpose. The woman panicked as she did not know what to do or who to turn to. Eventually, she told a fellow male passenger about her ordeal, but Huang had already alighted from the bus. The male passenger promptly told the bus driver on duty about the incident, who then lodged a police report.

Huang was arrested about a month later on 28th February.

After he was released on bail, Huang took Bus 3A towards Tampines Ave 4, and encountered his 2nd victim, a 18 year-old girl seated in front of him.

Unable to control his desires again, he began discreetly caressing the girl’s right hip with his fingers. Realizing that she was being molested, the girl confronted her molester, prompting the bus driver to lodge a police report, which led to Huang’s second arrest.

Dressed in a grey attire during his court trial, Huang told the court that he felt he had done nothing wrong as he had touched the victims through their clothes.

His argument was promptly shot down by prosecution lawyers, who said that touching a woman inappropriately without her consent was an act of molest, regardless of whether he had touched parts of the body that were clothed or unclothed.

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