It seems that most taxi companies here doesnt care about the well fare of their taxi drivers.

My husband kept informing his company,SMRT that the smell of carbon monoxide kept leaking into the cab. It is very often that a feedback is given to the technical team but no actions are being taken. They responces would be,”Oh its like that one..”.

Carbon monoxide is caused when operating a vehicle with a defective emission system or poorly tunes engine. Internal combustion gasoline engines produce extremely high carbon monoxide concentrations.

How can that be? How can an employee be working day and night in a hazardous enviroment? This is very irresponsible of SMRT. And you all should know that taxi drivers drive for very long hours. Are they going to pay for any health coverage if anything happens to the health of taxi drivers?

I mean taxi companies like SMRT should take care of the welfare of their taxi drivers by ensuring that the vehicles are safe to drive. This is endangering the lives of taxi drivers who are working very hard to make ends meet. Not only the lives of the taxi drivers but also the lives of the passengers. There are babies, old people and the sickly who also used these taxi as a form of transportation.

SMRT technical team also refused to change my husband’s tyres even when it has already worn out. Tyres are very important in driving. Are they going to be held accountable for if there is an accident?!

I do know that companies wants to save cost but do not go to the extent of risking someone else life. That someone can be someone’s father. Can be somone’s son. Can be someone’s loved ones.

I think a monthly detail checks on the vehicles. There has been campaigns about safe working enviroment. Isnt this part of safe too? Someone should wake SMRT up and investigate further. Else everyone even the passengers would suffer poor health after riding in their cabs.

Worried Wife
A.S.S. Contributor

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