The National University of Singapore (NUS) has sacked a 43 year-old assistant law professor Sundram Peter Soosay after he was sentenced to 4 months jail last Friday for causing hurt to a taxi driver.

On Christmas Day in 2013, a drunk Soosay had boarded 69 year-old Sun Chuan Hua’s taxi, vomited in the cab and tried to leave without paying his fare. When confronted, Soosay handed a $50 note to Sun after the latter threatened to call the police. As Sun headed back to the car to get change, Soosay assaulted Sun from the back and caused grievous injuries to Mr Sun, which required 17 days of medical leave.

NUS said Soosay, who had been teaching at the law faculty since 2008, was at first suspended without pay following his conviction on 29th May.

“The university expects all members of its community to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. Dr Soosay has been convicted of a serious offence,” said an NUS spokesperson.

Soosay’s academic profile – which has been removed from NUS website – stated that he had graduated from Strathclyde University in Glasgow before going on to spend an extended period at Edinburgh University where he obtained his master’s degree and PHD.

For his offence, the 43-year-old was also ordered to pay Mr Sun S$1,500 as compensation.

Soosay, who is appealing against his sentence, is currently out on S$25,000 bail.

This is not the first time that NUS has sacked one of its professors over brushes with the law. In 2013, the university dismissed former law don Tey Tsun Hang after he was found guilty of corruption. He was later cleared on appeal.

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