In an interview with reporters, the now-infamous LightArt Studio, which was accused of discriminating against a female Muslim job seeker, has denied sending out the racist messages and even denies trying to hire anyone at all!

Bosco Cheng, the boss of LightArt Studio, told reporters from Five Stars and a Moon that he had questioned his staff about the messages, but was told that none of them had sent the messages.

Cheng is furious at the accusations, and blamed the internet for making “blind assumptions that the person in the text was from my company”.

Cheng says he has filed a police report, but he did not elaborate on whether the charges were directed against the Muslim job seeker, or the threats that Cheng and his company have received from angry netizens.

He added that customers have called to cancel orders with him and some have called to express their concern and anger.

“I’m running a clean business” he said with teeth clenched, “So whatever it is, if I didn’t do it…I don’t want to make any wild guess (sic)”.

When asked why he did not clarify the matter online, he says felt no need to defend himself because he did not send the messages in the first place.

According to Cheng, he had attempted to contact the Muslim job seeker and received a reply at about 6PM today. The situation is now at a standstill because the job seeker insists that the person who interviewed her claims to be from Cheng’s company.

When asked whether he wanted to pursue civil charges against the job seeker, Cheng said he just wants the matter to rest and does not want to pursue the matter any further.

Meanwhile, the Muslim job seeker has made a police report of her own regarding the matter. However, there are currently no laws against discriminatory or racist private communications.

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