Housing Unit (HU)
HU are a entire complex of 2 levels which house up to 40 individual cells

Prisoners sleeps on the hard floor using the straw mattresses as bed and blankets as pillows. Lights off is at 2200hrs every night and the lights are switched on again at 0600hrs.

Prisoners who have special needs or are sucidals are kept in single cell and most of the time with no other prisoners. Lights are left on 24/7

Nowadays, its better than previously in Queenstown Remand Prison. Then you are allowed to bathe once a day, in Changi, you can bathe as much as and when you want.

Last time in Queenstown, prisoners had to use water from the toilet bowl for cleaning or wetting their bodies to keep them cool. It was used as bathing water too.

All Prisoners are expected to sit in rows with their legs crossed inside their cells when there are muster checks. Muster checks are when the wardens do a headcount on all the prisoner housed inside the HU. There can be as much as 5 musters a day.

Inside these cells, a prisoner can hardly see the World outside. You will be lucky if you can see the skyline or the sky.

Yard Time
Prisoners spend most of their time in their cells unless they are cookies (Cookies are prisoners who assist the Wardens to run errands like delivery of food, cleaninless, and even some basic adminstration duties, etc – they are selected only after serving 9-1yr of their sentence, they are usually LT prisoners). They are only allowed out for 1 hr yards on weekdays and 1.5 hrs on saturdays. There will be no yard time on PH and on Sundays.

Prisoners are provided 3 meals a day. Breakfast is at around 0730hrs and consists of 4 pieces of bread with jam or plain butter on alternate days with a cup of coffee of tea.

Lunch is served at about 1100-1200hrs, dinner is at 1600-1700hrs.

The meals consists of 1 meat and 1 veggie and can be either sardine with veggie, hardboiled egg with veggie, BBQ chicken with veggie, sauage with veggie, tofu with veggie.

On 2 days of the week, noodles or beenhoon are served for 1 meal each.

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