In a shocking case of child sexual abuse, the court heard today that a 6 year-old girl had gotten a sexually transmitted disease after being sexually assaulted by her step-father!

The 38 year-old security guard, who cannot be named to protect the young girl, had gotten married with the 6 year-old girl’s mother in 2011. The three of them stayed together in a flat.

When the relationship between the man and her mother suffered, ending in a divorce in 2013, the girl and her mother continued to stay in the flat until February last year when they finally found another place to stay.

However, by April 2014, the mother of the girl noticed that the girl’s genitalia showed signs of sexually transmitted disease infection. She brought the girl to a doctor, who confirmed that the girl had been infected with chlamydia.

Child protection services were called in, and investigations revealed that the stepfather of the girl had sexually assaulted her on 3 occasions in 2012.

Once, while the girl’s stepfather was watching TV with the girl while her mother slept, when he decided to put his fingers under her pants and touch her private parts. The girl said in an interview that she felt a sharp pain when her stepfather did that, but did not utter a word because she was afraid and confused. He later asked her to put on her clothes and warned her not to tell her mother about this.

On another occasion, he made the girl strip herself bare and used his own sexual organ to molest her private parts.

During the man’s sentencing in court, the judge condemned the man’s beastly actions and dismissed the defence lawyer’s plea that the stepfather had simply lost control of his own actions due to lust.

The judge ruled that even though the man was a first time offender and had lost control of his senses, the man had indeed betrayed the trust of the little girl and forced himself on her against her will.

The man was sentenced to 8 years jail and 12 strokes of the cane.

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