Dear ASS, 

I find it a disgraceful act that we as Singaporeans do not support our own heroes. People like Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee, our countrymen who have the guts to stand up for Singaporeans are now being fixed by the cowardly government but I still see brainwashed Singaporeans slamming their actions.

Humanity is universal and it saddens me more when the people from Taiwan and Hong Kong can see the atrocities being committed here against Roy and Amos while our own blood are still blinded from the truth. 

Instead, we have mindless bootlickers like Nigel Kee who threatened to rape Amos Yee just because the insolent but gifted boy dared stand up against the PAP. 

It is also sad that our elected Opposition representatives have kept a low profile over these two gutsy Singaporeans. I think maybe election is coming so they prefer to play it safe. I think most Singaporeans will understand but it be good if they can speak up a bit to help Roy and Amos. Their voice is much louder than the bunch of us speaking up for them. 

I beg of you Singaporeans, please wake up from your slumber and eat the red pill that I am now offering you. Stand up for the Singaporeans that matter and make their efforts count. If we do not stand up for them now, who will stand up for Singaporeans in future? 

For our future, do the right thing and stand up for our heroes. Do not let them efforts be in vain. Do not be a daft Singaporean, be a smart, thinking, critical Singaporean!

Majulah Singapura


William Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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