A police report has been made against a certain ‘Nigel Kee’ on Facebook, the man who offered to pay for teenage blogger Amos Yee “to get rape in prison”.

The report was made in person by Mr Lee at the Tanglin Police Division HQ on Tuesday (30th June).

In the report, Mr Lee said that he is “very distressed to know that a person by the name of Nigel Kee said in his Facebook post that he will pay for someone to ‘rape’ Amos Yee.”

Mr Lee says the threat could be a breach of the Penal Code’s Section 503, which refers to “Criminal Intimidation”.

Mr Lee believes that a possible reason why Nigel Kee had made such a threat against the teenager was because of an earlier incident where a grassroots leader, Jason Tan Kok Whee, had similarly made a threat of violence against Amos Yee, but who was only given a “stern warning” by the police.

It is believed that Nigel Kee think that he will not get punishment by making such a criminal offence, I believed he is trying to despise the legal institution of Singapore by challenging it.

Mr Lee is asking the police to take “necessary action” against Nigel Kee.

When TRE checked Nigel Kee’s Facebook page, it has either been deleted or made private and no longer accessible to the public.

Through netizens’ CSI efforts, Nigel Kee is believed to be an employer or an employee at a Tyre & Battery shop. It is not know if he is a grassroots leader.

Amos concerned with rape threat

Mary Toh, the mother of the 16-year-old blogger has said that Amos is concerned about the rape threat made on him.

Thinking of the threats and dangers [he might face if he were to be sent to prison] aggravates his mental condition.

Amos is currently still remanded at the Institute of Mental Health and is due back in court on 6th July where it is believed that he will either be sentenced to 18 months at RTC or serve a 2 year MTO.

It is unlikely that Amos will get a jail term with time-served as the prosecution had deemed it (jail sentence) inappropriate and had consistantly insisted that Amos be sent to RTC.

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