I travel through the second link at Tuas at least twice a week and each time I am frustrated when I arrive at the Singapore customs on our way home. There will always be a congested line of Singapore and foreign cars trying to pass through the toll plaza. It usually takes from 30 to 90 minutes to pass through the checkpoint.

I just cannot understand why the Government constructed 4 barrel vaulted structured toll plazas (Block A1 to A4) but only 3 are being utilized each day. There are two toll plazas strictly for the use of motorcycles (Block A3) and heavy vehicles (Block A4) are cleared below the bridge.

There is ONE toll plaza (Block A1) for cars closed “permanently”.

ONLY ONE toll plaza (Block A2) with 6 to 8 booths are opened to Singapore and foreign registered cars and it is this toll plaza that is ALWAYS congested with vehicles when passing through the Immigration checkpoint booth.

There are about 16 booth within each toll plaza (Block A1 & A2), so 32 booths were designed for cars but ONLY 6 to 8 are opened each time thereby contributing to the chaos and congestion. Only 19% to 25% of the intended facilities for cars are utilized each time irregardless if it is during festive periods, school holidays and on long weekend holidays.

As foreign registered vehicles needs a Cashcard to make payments to enter and I understand that checks on the foreign passports are more stringent, it is therefore these vehicles that usually hold up the traffic at the toll booths.

I would suggest that one of the toll plaza be opened ONLY for Singapore registered vehicles whilst the foreign vehicles can be directed to another toll plaza which would greatly alleviate the present situation.

This will be akin to the Changi airport where Singaporeans come home to a fuss free entry back to the country.

Alternatively if ONLY one toll plaza can be utilized for cars, then the installed CCTVs about 500m to 1km from the entry point should alert the officers that more or additional booths be open to man the increase in traffic.

I am sure that the Ministry of Home affairs in their $9.7 million revamp will consider the plight of Singaporeans and alleviate the ease of fuss free travel for Singaporean drivers.

Jin Jin Bo Song
A.S.S. Contributor

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