15 month-old Aafaa Zuhayr Muhammad Al-Khair wandered innocently into the kitchen in his home, curious as all toddlers are about their surroundings.

What he didn’t expect was to topple over a hot frying pan filled with sizzling oil which his mother, 31 year-old Madam Masshitah Abdullah, had placed to cool on the stove.

Madam Masshitah was in another room at the time of the accident, but rushed over the moment she heard the pan topple and her toddler’s screams of pain. There, she was horrified to discover that the hot oil had scalded her baby’s face, body and arms, causing his skin to become red and swollen.

Aafaa suffered 2nd degree burns to his skin after the incident on 22nd June and has been fighting for his life in an intensive care unit (ICU) of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). He had his 4th operation yesterday.

Madam Masshitah and her 30 year-old property agent husband, Mr Muhammad Al-Khair Salahuddin are now spending almost all their time at KKH, praying and hoping for his recovery.

Madam Masshitah revealed that she couldn’t accept her toddler’s injuries at first: “I kept asking the doctor if that’s my son.”

“I just wanted my baby. I couldn’t really hold him and could only see him from afar,” She added. “I’m so afraid to fall asleep. Whenever a doctor runs into the ICU, my heart would stop for a while, wondering if anything had happened to my son.”

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