Dear Editors,

I struggled my life for the past going 4years trying to bring up my child single handed & i thought everything is going to turn out fine after i remarry this year.

Things did get better for our new family & we are welcoming a new member soon.

I am working as a part time cashier in a supermarket nearby my place so it would be easier to send & fetch my #1 whose CC is just a walking distance away. I found out i was pregnant just when i started working at the supermarket.

Last Tue, I was confronted by my in-charge if i was pregnant as someone had informed him/upper management that i am pregnant with #2. So i came clean with them and even told them that i am just a part timer and doesn’t have to declare to them if i am pregnant or not. The next day, Wed, i was given a letter asking me to leave the company.

Singapore government keep urging the citizens to increase birth rates but yet there are companies who are doing this to the pregnant mums. Pregnant mums who are like me, trying to earn an income (even thou its peanut pay per hour), trying to help with paying the bills at home, trying to make ends meet and also to help increase birth rates but yet we are being treated like this.

We are being discriminated for being pregnant, and asked to leave the company. We should be the nation’s pride and honor BECAUSE we are the ONES who go thru 40 weeks of pregnancy woes, go thru the labor pain in the wards just to bring the little lives in us into Singapore, contributing to the birth rates here!

Just where is the rights for pregnant mums now??!!!

Discriminated Mum
A.S.S. Contributor

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