A 21 year-old Singaporean student, surnamed Loy, was among the 500 over people who were left burnt and injured after flammable party powder ignited a crowd of revelers at a Taiwan Water Park.

According to the Singapore trade office in Taipei, the student had been injured in the blaze at the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park in New Taipei City, adding that their officials have been in touch with the family to render assistance.

Loy is currently in intensive care after suffering 40 to 50% burns throughout her body.

The event was attended by over 1,000 party-goers for the Color Play Asia concert last week. As part of the event, flammable colored powder had been sprayed into the air and the crowd of party-goers.

However, an unknown reaction caused the powder to ignite, creating a massive fire storm that tore through the crowd, scorching everyone and everything in its path.

An amateur video captured the horrifying scenes of the explosion and its aftermath. Revelers dressed only in swim wear were seen with bleeding and severely burnt.

Some footage showed some victims being ferried away for medical help by those who had avoided the blaze.

A Taiwanese student who sustained minor injuries described the chaos at the scene

“There was blood everywhere, including in the pool where lots of the injured were soaking themselves for relief from the pain.”

Taiwanese media reports said 516 people were injured in the blaze with 410 warded in hospital — 194 were seriously injured.

Aside from the Singaporean, there were 6 other foreign visitors who were injured in the blaze, 2 from the PRC and 4 from Hong Kong.

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